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Finding the right property can be a chore if you do not have enough help. When you are navigating the world of real estate, it is best to avoid going it alone. Whether you need a lot of space out in the country, or a flat in the city, Alan de Maid property agents can assist you. They have acquired a great deal of experience in dealing with residential properties. They have handled sales and letting deals for years and have dealt with buyers with varying tastes.

Alan de Maid is a member of the Ombudsman scheme for estate agents. This outlines a code of practice which ensures that you will always receive the highest level of professional service. Naturally, this can only be guaranteed with the right staff. The company has taken steps to ensure that only the best workers will be available to deal with the needs of clients. They have tightly controlled hiring policies which require that all staff members pass a legislation examination. The company’s authorization process will also evaluate the negotiating skills of agents.


Alan de Maid sells homes in Bromley, Kent and South East London. The company’s in-house marketing department creates a high level of visibility for the homes they are trying to sell. They utilize online and print mediums to get their message out and to attract buyers. With seven locations in London, it is easy for you to contact the company if you are looking for a house to buy.

To get the property that is ideal for your needs, you must give the company the information they need to work with. Start by identifying your preference for either the country area or the city. Then you can discuss the type of home that appeals to you, and the price range that interests you. If the company is letting properties, this might be an option worth exploring. If you want to know whether you are dealing with the right estate agents, you can read some of the customer reviews on the website If you plan to rent a property, consult this company for guidelines for finding one that is ideal for your needs.